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Just a couple of regular Joes...

In 2015, Max Vincenzo and Patrick Dubiel were faced with a difficult decision. Both had invested many hours into their flight training, but halfway through the process, the flight school decided to call it quits. Searching for somewhere to finish their training, they soon found out that their choices were limited. An extensive search produced no suitable options, leaving them with no way to finish their training.

Shortly after closing, the flight school decided to sell off their aircraft. When Max and Patrick found out, they saw an opportunity to finish their training, and a partnership was born. They purchased their first plane, N3133Q; a beautiful Piper Warrior II. They quickly recognized that other pilots must be in the same situation and wanted to do something to help the local aviation community.


In 2018 Max and Patrick purchased N6890W- a Piper Cherokee 140 named "Cappy"- and decided to make it available to other pilots. Flying Squirrel Aviation was born out of their desire to make safe and affordable aircraft available to experienced and student pilots.

Flying Squirrel Aviation Cherokee 140

Meet Cappy

"Cappy" is a 1965 Piper Cherokee PA28 140. First introduced by Piper in 1960 for flight training and personal use, over 32,778 have been built to date. Piper Cherokees are one of the safest families of aircraft ever produced. 

As a licensed A&P mechanic, Max meticulously maintains Cappy to the highest standards, and tends to Cappy's every need. This ensures that whenever you want to fly Cappy, he's always ready.

N6890W Piper Cherokee 140
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